April 2022 Newsletter

One year ago, we hosted a “Back to Church Sunday”. Over the past year, much has changed. Last April’s newsletter spoke of the impact of not meeting over several months. We missed worshipping together, having potluck dinners, outings, retreats, bus ministry and much more. For over one year, visitation was difficult and at times impossible.

We continue to feel the effect of not being together. People are more isolated than at any time in modern history. I have heard many speak of becoming homebodies and seldom going out since the pandemic.

The setting of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection bear much resemblance to some events in our time. We have sadly watched as bodies of faith once faithful to the Gospel have compromised. Much of the hierocracy of first century Temple surrendered to Rome rather than challenging the pagan culture of an occupying force.

Over the next few weeks, we will complete a journey through Lent. Thursday’s Maundy Thursday Service will be our last gathering before Easter morning. We would do well to re-flect upon Jesus’ last week of life prior to the Cross and Resurrection. Below are readings I encourage you to read each day of Holy Week beginning Sunday, April 10:

Palm Sunday: Luke 19:28-40
Monday: John 12:1-11 Mary anoints Jesus
Tuesday: John 12:20-36 Greeks seek Jesus in fulfillment of prophecy
Wednesday: John 13:21-32 Someone will betray Jesus. The disciples ask, “Is it I?”
Thursday: John 13:1-17, 31b-35 Jesus washes the disciples’ feet and gives them a new commandment.
Friday: John 18:1-19:42 Betrayal and arrest of Jesus. Jesus is crucified.
Saturday Easter Vigil: Psalm 143 My soul thirsts for you! Sunday: Easter! John 20:1-18

Find a time each day to read through one of these passages by yourself and with others in-cluding your family. Pray before and after reading. Allow the Word of God to form you. Know both the pain of our Lord’s Passion and the joy of Resurrection!

Observing Lent and anticipating Easter,

Brother David

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