Attending Church Remotely During Quarantine

Tune in this Sunday for worship at First United Methodist Church. We will be on Facebook at 8:30 a.m. for worship lead by the Praise Team and others, This will be Bro. David Collettes last Sunday to be a part of the Prasie Team, he has accepted a position as Pastor of Refuge U.M.C. beginning, April 5, 202. We are sadden to see him go but God has blessed him with this opportunity to move forward.


This Sunday I will be preaching from Ezekiel 37, this is the Fifth Sunday of Lent. We will be asking the question "Can Dry Bones Live Again?"

Hope you will join us this Sunday as we continue to go through these unusual times of change.
God's blessing to you all. Also, remember to keep your church in mind as you are away for the expenses continue to go on in the absence of cooperate worship. Drop you offering and gifts and tithes off at the office or mail in.
Thank you all.
Brother Larry

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