August - Pastor's Letter

Dear Friends,

    I recently read a transcribed interview of Anne Graham Lotz the daughter of Rev. Billy Graham. She is so much on target with what is going on in our world today. First, Anne was asked if we are compromising our value system? She responded, “I’m not sure if we’re compromising or just throwing it away. What I’m concerned about is not so much our culture or the secular world, what I’m concerned about is the Church. When the church starts to throw away the values, they throw away God’s Word. They’re not spending time in prayer but they substitute “Programs” for Prayer, Orthodoxy for Obedience and Activity for the Movement of the Spirit. That’s where I’m concerned. If the light is dimmed, if its hidden under a bushel, if the salt has lost its savor, then how can we make an Impact on the next generation?”

    Second, Anne was asked is there hope for America? She said, “I believe there is hope. If God breathes His Spirit, if God pours out His Spirit, and we have REVIVAL IN THE CHURCH, if God’s people will wake up, if they will start living for Him, and loving Him, paying the price for taking a stand for Him, and sharing the Gospel. Then I believe Revival in the Church could greatly impact our Nation.”

    Then third, she was asked, “How do you define Revival?” She responded that it’s taking God’s people who have received Christ by faith, but have become apathetic, complacent, dormant, stagnant, where our hearts are broken because of our own sin, and the Blood is applied. It is painful, but there is a cleansing that comes and a Power and freshness, and then it’s as if we don’t care what other people think. We aren’t looking to please other people; we don’t want to be popular; we simply want to live our lives to please the Lord who shed His Blood to take away our sin to give us this New Life. We come alive!

     IF THERE IS NO REVIVAL OF THE CHURCH, then our only hope is in the return of Jesus. I believe the return of Jesus is soon to come. “I said at my father’s funeral that I thought his death would be a warning shot over the bow and a WAKE-UP CALL TO THE WHOLE WORLD.” Join me in praying for our Church, the holy universal Church and for our Country as we seek Revival and Renewal for our Country and His Church.

Bro. Larry

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