February 2020 Newsletter

Dear Church Family,

I ran across this article written many years ago from Rev. Roy Biggers’ articles. I felt it was worthwhile to share with you at this time:

Once upon a time, there was a church staff looking for teachers for children, pre-schoolers and youth. And some adults said, “I don’t want to leave the sweet fel-lowship and study in my adult class.” (But, the drug pushers on the street said, “Not even the threat of jail will keep me from working with your children.”) And some adults said, “I could never give the time required to plan, study and go to teachers/meetings.” (But the pusher, the porno book dealer, and the movie pro-ducer said, “We’ll stay open whatever hours are necessary every day to win the minds of kids.”) And some adults said, “I’m unsuited, untrained, unable to work with children, preschoolers, or youth.” (But, the movie producer said, “We’ll study, survey, spend millions to produce whatever turns kids on!”)

So…the adults stayed in their classes and enjoyed the sweet fellowship and ab-sorbed the good Bible Study, and could go out of town often on the weekend and were available to do whatever was good to do on Wednesday or Sunday nights in-stead of teachers’ meetings.

And when Sunday came, the children came to their classes and no one was there except the church staff going from one room to another trying to assure them that someone would surely come to teach them some Sunday soon. But, no one ever came, and the young children soon quit coming because they had come to listen to others who did not care about the things they did and what went into their minds. (copied)

In Christ’s love,

Brother Larry

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