May 2022 Newsletter

It’s late Friday afternoon and I am remembering Easter morning. What an incredible day! Not even an overcast, rain threatening sky was able to diminish the Spirt of God’s presence among us. After the last few years, this Easter was especially meaningful. God is moving in our midst!

Many in the church have prayed for God to bring revival to Lucedale First UMC. You speak of this often when I visit with you at home or during a congregational activity. Jesus told us to ask anything in His name and He will hear our prayer. Petitioning our Savior to bring His presence and that of the Holy Spirit into the lives of others is in accord with everything the Word of God instructs.

My parent’s former pastor, Dr. Jody Ray, reminds us that we cannot make revival happen – “it’s completely the work of God.” He then tells a story that will give us some insight. “There was a ship that strayed off course near San Diego some years ago. It became stuck in a reef at low tide. Twelve tugboats were unsuccessful in their attempt to budge it. Finally, the captain instructed the tugs to go back home. He sighed, “I’ll just be patient and wait.” He waited until high tide. All of a sudden, the ocean began to rise. What human power could not do, the rising tide of the Pacific Ocean did. It lifted that ship and put it back into the channel.”

On Easter Sunday, “all of a sudden, the tide of God rolled in.” While we cannot make revival happen, we can pray for God to move among us and submit to being lifted in the tide of His Spirit. The Sundays after Easter are a journey leading to Pentecost when the Spirit of God descended upon the disciples and the power of God was unleashed through the gathered Church. The world took notice. Suddenly, an insignificant group of people turned the world upside down.

God is not finished with us! Continue to pray for revival that what was so evident as we sang out in worship will continue through Pentecost and until the Lord returns in all of His glory!

The tide is rising!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Brother David

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