October 2021 Newsletter

I love Fall. We have relief from the high humidity that keeps our area green and beautiful. The weather is not too hot and not too cold. The days are not too short and not too long. Activity at church, on the ball field and a host of other activities including Cruising the Coast, family reunions, fall festivals and football games add spice to life.

We lack the vibrant foliage of a New England fall but that is rewarded with a mild winter and reasonable amount of sunlight in the depth of winter. I’ll take it!

This Fall includes Confirmation Class. The pandemic we are tired of hearing about prevented last Fall’s class so we are larger this year. Our class spans a mature fifth grader to a senior in high school. Every parent with a child attending or enrolled in confirmation has reason to be thankful and proud. Without exception, they are attentive, give thought to homework and participate. The greatest blessing I know as a parent and pastor is seeing a young person come to faith and commit to being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The lessons are designed to offer a short course in the Christian faith and introduce students to the doctrine of the United Methodist Church. Those who are ready will make a public proclamation of their faith and be baptized if they haven’t been in the past.

As a congregation, you will be asked to encourage them in faith by word and in the witness of your life. Over these next few weeks please keep each student in your prayers. Examine your own commitment to our Lord and submit to His leadership.

Blessings in Christ,

Brother David

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