September 2021 Newsletter

As I write this newsletter we are on the good side of the storm. Our area and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have fared very well. We are thankful to God even as we pray for the people who have suffered loss, especially in Louisiana.

We live in a region blessed with abundant water and natural wildlife. Our climate is temperate and the days long. I am often struck by the beauty of this area when flying into New Orleans, Gulfport or Mobile. The world seems greener and bluer than many places in the world. Trees are abundant and urban sprawl limited.

George/Greene/Perry and neighboring counties in Alabama seem to be placed in the “sweet spot.” We are close enough to enjoy the beach if desired, far enough inland to avoid the most significant threats of storm surges, have enough to keep us at home and a climate that is the envy of colder northern neighbors.

It is the people, however, who make this place special. I am the Seashore District Coordinator of Disaster Response. As I’ve done my best to prepare for this District’s response, I have appreciated some things about our home. People will take care of neighbors. This is true during ordinary times as well. We check on one another, take food to those in need (thank you for taking care of us during Amanda’s recovery)! We pray for one another and show love and concern.

Over the next several months we will be given the opportunity to show the love of Christ to our friends and neighbors both here and in other areas impacted by Hurricane Ida. Begin with prayer for survivors and responders. Be generous in your giving, both to the ongoing ministry of Lucedale First United Methodist and to the long work of recovery. Remember we are still recovering from Hurricane Zeta almost one year after the storm.

I ask for your prayers as your pastor and in leading our District as we recover and offer assistance wherever needed. Remember Christ is present in this storm, recovery and always.

Your Brother in Christ,

Brother David

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