September - Pastor's Letter

Dear Friends,


Recently I was listening to an interview with Dr. Brian Russell of Asbury Theological Seminary stating that it has been said “The Western world has lost its faith in the shadow of the church steeple.” That struck a chord in my heart as I reflected on where we are today as to where we were 50 years ago. We, the church, are losing too many people to the world. The stats are that the church in the Western world, loses an average of 5,000 members daily. 


As you pray, read scripture and study the Word of God ask yourself:  What can I do to improve the stats in the world around me and in the church? We as believers need to re-examine the mission of the church, looking to God and seeking His guidance and power, and not our own ideas of what we want to see happen. 


The Visioning Committee of our church is meeting and is in the process of seeking guidance from God to lead us forward as a church to form the vision God has for us.  


Marilyn Bounds is the Chairperson of the Visioning Committee, Jason Ardoinis the Vice-Chair and Sara Howell is Secretary. Members are, Donna Bragg, Chrissy Jordan, David Collette, Ashley Lawrence, Lee Hedegaard, Kim Dees, Dimple Lollis, Zan Hataway, and Melissa Sumrall. Keep this group in your prayers as they meet to seek the power and leadership of God’s Holy Spirit.


Love in Jesus,

Bro. Larry White


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